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2024 Doming Protection (custom quote) 

* Absolute minimum is $34.00 (c) per order before tax and shipping


What is Doming Protection?

Doming is a technology by which convex surfaces (domes) are deposited on printed or unprinted aluminum.

It is possible to use this technology to raise the effectiveness and the functionality of print, scripts and corporate gifts.

Doming is, thus, outstandingly suitable for assisting in meeting advertising targets and boosting sales.


Epoxy resins are used as the doming material.  Our doming product is water resistant, UV resistant and will not yellow.

Never store domed product toching other doming and never place in direct sunlight.


Our doming process is done right in-house for most quantities so we have complete control over the quality and the timing.

Doming provides a 3D high preceive value to your product.  Doming protection will stop scratches on all small aluminum products such as our name badges.


















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