Separate your car cruise and show from others with our unique and colorful

dash plaques, decals, car flags, award plaques, T-shirts, key chains, mugs, and much more.


Here are a few ideas to get you started.  We will work with you to create a memorable event.


No set up with supplied artwork. 

No copy change charge so you can change your artwork on every piece!


(c) Price is each

The products shown in this section are

In memory of Rick Broomer.

Amazing mechanic and avid Classic Car guy

that will forever be a part of Everyday Specialties.

Full Colour Car Show Ideas   (click on a photo for information & pricing)


Custom Aluminum Dash Plaque - July 2021 The corners are rounded with 2-sided tape on the back. Standard Size: 3.5" x 2" *Custom sizes available on request. Your choice of White, Gold, Silver .025 aluminum. * White is recommended when using a photograph background * Minimum: 50 pieces (c) price is each One Price Only for all quantity 50 - 10,000 $3.10 each NEW! Add a magnet back to your Dash Plates for $0.50 (c) each

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